Bystronic Xpert 150 PRO

Bending technology for the highest demands on process speed and flexibility.
Accuracy is the most important performance factor of each production environment. Thanks to Xpert Pro we get accurate and consistent bending results right from the first application. Bystronic's patented compensation system automatically adjusts the curvature of the lower beam during the bending process. For even greater process reliability, the LAMS angle measuring system is available as an option. In addition to the thickness fluctuations of the sheet, this system also compensates for the variations in sunrise and rolling direction.
Xpert Pro reduces the need for tedious manual fixes while also reducing the workload of operators during programming: ByVision Bending software solution determines the ideal bending process for each material thickness and bending angle. Thus, the high quality bending process leaves nothing undesirable in terms of comfort. Bending has never been faster and more accurate than with Bystronic's new Xpert Pro.

Technical execution possibilities:

Work area: (maximum bending length): 3000mm

Maximum thickness of the table:
  • Carbon steel: 15mm;
  • Stainless steel: 12mm;
    • Aluminium: 15mm;
Bending precision: +/- 0.2mm