The company was founded in 2007, with the aim of providing high-quality products and services for the specialized market in a professional way.Benefiting from a long-standing collaboration with similar companies in Europe, Easy Industry manufactures on demand products for all customers, which can be customized in one-off and large series products, as the case may be.
The company has grown rapidly, adjusting to the conditions imposed by an increasingly rigorous and ever-growing market. Easy Industry – delivers projects that are aligned to the quality standards at local, national and international level.
The diversity of the services provided by the company has developed harmoniously, with a concern for the rigorous market conditions and the various requirements of the customers.
The collaboration with Western European countries has offered the company the opportunity to constantly improve and modernize, but also to acquire cutting-edge technologies.
This has led to a high qualification of the personnel employed in the manufacturing process, who have learned to respect and ensure the quality of the products leaving the factory.Easy Industry offers high-quality products at fair prices to their customers, and this has developed the relationships with external beneficiaries from countries such as: Romania, Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, USA, Mexico, and China.


EASY INDUSTRY looks to the future.Its business plans cover at least the period of the next decade, bringing together the intelligence and the precision of modeling various materials, with application in multiple fields.
Most likely, as a result of our team work, the company will be among the top suppliers in Europe at the end of this decade.


The EASY INDUSTRY mission is concentrated in 4 powerful statements:1. “We offer support for the design of complex markers in various industries.”2. “We constantly pursue precision and quality in the production process. Zero defects is the goal of the company.”3. “We use the most advanced technologies in the metal working field.”4. “We satisfy rapidly the requirements of the customers all over the world.”


Ioan Predatu

General Manager

Liviu Constantiniu

Assembly Manager

Cristian Valeanu

Workshop Manager

Remus Ciuteanu


Stefan Eusebiu Melinte

Tenical Manager

Corina Elena Predatu

Commercial Manager

Iulia Ramona Calota
Iulia Ramona Calota

Financial Accounting

Lucian Tirziu

Cad Design